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Brighten Up Your Evening Event in Arlington

Warriors for Light offers superb lighting equipment rentals for any event. Our company's mission is to establish the industry standard for event lighting equipment rentals in terms of quality, service, and reliability. The event lighting packages we offer are perfect for a wide variety of events, and they are all highly rated and dependable. We have some of the best event lighting equipment rentals out there - whatever your light rental requirements. Whether you are the bride, an event planner or an organizer of an exhibition, a wedding, or a party, our highly-skilled team is ready to assist you with the best event lighting rental equipment.

Picture Perfect

We specialize in providing a huge range of event lighting rentals for absolutely any type of occasion. So, whether you are planning a small party or a large-scale event in a function room or a marquee, we can provide you with all the event lighting you could possibly need. We can help you create an atmosphere at your special event that people will be totally astonished by and for those perfect pictures!

Best Value

As event lighting rental specialists, we can offer you professional and affordable internal and external lighting rentals and special effects for any occasion, regardless of how large or small the event. So, whether your function is in your home, garden, a function room, a specific venue - a hall, marquee and grounds, we have the perfect lighting rentals solution for you.


We are proud to offer professional event lighting rentals, delivery, design, installation, management and disassembly services – whatever you need for your rental wedding lights, just ask!

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Event & Wedding Light Rental Process

Book Your Free Event Lighting Consultation

Book a free design consultation with one of our expert event lighting in Arlington. They will be have to give you a vision for what you're wanting to achieve.

Professional Installation

Our licensed and experienced event lighting installers will install your lights hours before your event. We want to make it stress free as possible. We will work with the venue to ensure everything go smoothly.

Prompt Removal

After the event is over, we will take down the lights promptly, either the same day or the next day. Removal is always included with our event lighting rental service.


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Our expert team will set up and ensure the light rentals are working their magic for your special occasion as well as breaking it all down upon completion.

You’ll be amazed at our luxurious, comprehensive, yet affordable service. And we specialize in carefully listening to you, our client, as we design the event lighting with you and your guests in mind, which will help your special event come true.

All of our highly-skilled lighting designers and technicians are as helpful and approachable as they are experienced, and our team is supported by a large stock of the latest event and stage lighting equipment from well-known brands.

From smart intelligent lighting, wireless and generic lighting we can create the right atmosphere and mood for your event.

Our expert event lighting team are on hand to guide you through every little detail. So, whether you require color coordinated, spectacular ceiling lighting drapes, atmospheric mood lighting, stunning wedding backdrops, or the sparkling dance floors and even some pretty funky LED furniture. 

The ideal lighting style and technique depends entirely on your event brief, so we’ll work with you to create something spectacularly stunning and unique. You can be as imaginative as you like, and if you want it, we will be able to design it! Nothing illuminates an event like a carefully planned lighting selection. Lights can change a room’s atmosphere, creating that ‘wow!’ factor, and the dynamic of your event in an instant.


We serve all customers in Arlington metro who want to brighten up their event space for a party, a wedding or corporate event.


Bistro lights is a magnificent and popular option for your outdoor space. It's perfect for outdoor entertaining. Call to get a quote today.


You worked on making your wedding beautiful, let us brighten it up with our custom wedding lights for you to enjoy through out the night.


Uplights highlights different areas of the room to give you that picture perfect feel.


Want to that beauitful tree to be center piece to your party? Use twinkly lights to create that mysterious effect .


Provide a beautiful outdoor space for your customers. We provide free lighting design consultation for businesses, HOAs, churches, wedding venues and apartments.​


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The lights were perfect for our event and team was great about communicating

Donovan L.

Awesome experience without having stress out about how the lights would look.


Love their custom love sign and everything was such a smooth experience.

Eleanor M.

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With our technicians on stand by, we will be able to take care of anything that might go wrong on the day of. We will ensure everything is running smoothly.

Our professional event lighting installers in Arlington usually finishes setting up your event lighting either the day before or whenever there is availability to setup with the venue.

Right here at Warriors, we develop the lights to suit the landscaping at your property in Arlington, so there is no miracle outdoor lighting installation strategy that fits all jobs.

Our pro group of landscape lighting installers only select the finest quality fixtures from cast brass, aluminum, or our absolute favorite solid copper fixtures, which weather effectively for our landscape lighting installation.

An effective low voltage landscape lighting strategy needs choosing the right fittings, then placing & wiring them the right way.

You may choose between submersible lights, up lights, accent lights, pathway lights, down lights, or any combination of the mentioned. The options are unlimited with low voltage LED lights.

Evening effects can create a romantic ambiance, imagine moon light, filtered through trees and reflected in serene waters of a pool or pond. Downward-facing lights beneath eaves or in trees can help achieve this effect.

Reflected warm light can also be complementary on faces, think of all the loving songs written about the gentle shine of moonlight.

With outdoors lighting, you can entertain in the garden through the night. You can’t see the cracks within the sidewalks or the dead limbs in trees. And also the ugliest tree could be made lovely in the night. You want your home to look and feel both beautiful and safe, regardless of what the time of day.

Using a click of a button and a few tactically positioned outdoor house lights, you can roll back the dark and put it all on display. Everyone is able to observe that you have pulled out all the stops to make your property & lawn look first-rate.

How can I power my outdoor lights without an electric outlet?
There are many options to power outdoor lights without having an electrical socket set up in the yard. They involve using different types of solar backyard lighting fixtures, battery operated lighting, Wireless bluetooth run lights, battery-powered outlet, wireless LED motion sensor lights, & real or LED candles. Our pro team of exterior lights installers will take care of this for you.

Does landscape lighting add value?
Many studies have shown that most home owners want a residence using a customized, well-designed landscape lighting system. These systems can improve your home worth up to 20 percent and in the event you would like to sell can help your house sell much faster. Your surroundings lighting installation is really a really sensible investment in addition to something which will improve the enjoyment of your house.

What's the best lumens for landscaping lighting?
Path & step lights are greatest around 100 lumens, flood and motion sensor lights seven hundred lumens, underwater lights two hundred - four hundred lumens, wall lights fifty- one hundred and eighty five lumens, and general landscaping lights 50-300 lumens. Our group of landscape lighting designers will go through the options with you in detail.

How do you prepare outdoor surroundings lighting?
Standard ideas to remember while you plan your design with our team of designers there to assist. Decide what exterior areas or items you want to light. Select the suitable lighting methods. Choose the fittings and components that provide you the desired effect. Choose the power supply, either line or low voltage. Choose the suitable bulbs.

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