Landscape Lighting Installation In Huntington, NY

Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation
done by experienced, licensed and insured contractors.

Why Invest in Outdoor Lighting?

Expand Your Outdoor Space

Enjoy the beautiful weather of Huntington by illuminating your backyard space with custom designed outdoor lighting to brighten up your parties, gatherings, and meals all year round. Throughout the year, landscape lighting can help prolong the time you have to enjoy your garden. It can literally transform your outdoor space into an extra ‘room’ for you and your family to enjoy on summer nights and can provide a wonderful view from inside during the winter months.

Curb Appeal + Increase Property Value

Landscape lighting exponentially increases the value of any home with an affordable installation cost. A well-lit home also significantly increases your home's curb appeal to potential buyers in Huntington.

Enhanced Safety + Security

By using outdoor lighting, you can keep your family safe. Brighten up your yard to avoid trips and falls while enjoying your yard at night. Our landscaping lighting will serve as a much-needed security deterrent to unwanted visitors and criminals. No matter what the size job is or what will best meet your lighting needs, we will go above and beyond to ensure that each and every one of our clients is completely satisfied.

We Offer Free Outdoor Lighting Demo. Full Service From Lighting Design, Installation and Maintenance.


We offer a free evening demonstration of your future landscape lights
at your home and yard.

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Experience The With Professional Outdoor Lighting

As a licensed and creative outdoor lighting installation company, Warriors for Light take pride in our design and installation services. Every home and yard is unique and requires a customized design to bring out the beauty of your outdoor space. 

To begin the process of designing your landscape lighting that will accentuate your house, you could either give us a call or book an appointment for an onsite night time demo. 

We are always available and you can chat with one of our outdoor lighting associates. We will begin the implementation phase once a specification has been finalized. The installation is usually completed within a day based on the project size. We install the lights, fixtures, bury the wire into the ground.


Landscape Lighting Installation Process

Book Your Free Night Time Demo

Book an onsite night time demo with one of our expert light designers in Huntington.

Onsite Design & Demo

Experience what your home would look like with professional outdoor lighting before you decide.

Professional Installation

Our licensed and experienced landscape lighting installers will start your outdoor lighting project and typically complete it within a day.


Our Lightscape Lighting Systems


We serve all residential customers in Huntington metro who want to brighten up their home. Get a free evening demo.​


Bistro lights is a magnificent and popular option for your outdoor space. It's perfect for outdoor entertaining. Call to get a quote today.


You've worked hard to make your yard beautiful. It's time to make it shine so you can enjoy in the evening and increase your curb appeal.


No more tripping on the pathway with our commercial grade pathway lighting system.


Enjoy the warm summer nights of Huntington with our poolside lighting systems. Illuminate your backyard and pool so you can enjoy it all summer long.


Provide a beautiful outdoor space for your customers. We provide free design consultation for businesses, HOAs, churches, wedding venues and apartments.​



We offer a free evening demonstration in Huntington.

Experience it first, before you decide.

What Customers Are Saying in Huntington

Their onsite demo was amazing. Installation was professional and quick.

John L.

Couldn't be happier with how our yard turned out. The installers were professional and detailed oriented.

Wendy F.

They provided incredible service and we love our backyard outdoor kitchen!

Frank M.

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    We know that seeing is believing and want you to experience what your yard and home would look like before you decide. The evening demo is when your landscape lighting designer in Huntington will set up the lights in your yard. Highlighting and accenting different trees, shrubs and paths for you to visual before you decide.

    Just call 888-930-3450 or email us, and we will be out to your property to fix the problem as soon as possible. Our maintenance team will replace all burned out lamps for the first year at no cost, as well as troubleshoot any system failures. You can also sign up for our quarterly maintenance package as low as $30/month.

    Our professional installation team uses minimally invasive technique as possible. We don’t use trenching machines and most cuts in the lawn are gone in 1-2 weeks.

    Quality! From our lifetime warranted fixtures and transformers to our lighting designs and installation standards, our services are unparalleled.


    Our professional landscape lighting installers in Huntington usually finishes installing the transform and outdoor lighting within 1-2 days.

    Here at Warriors, we design the lights to suit the landscaping at your residence in Huntington, so there’s no miraculous outdoor lighting installation strategy that fits all jobs.

    Our pro group of landscape lighting installers only find the greatest quality fixtures from cast brass, aluminum, or our favorite solid copper fittings, that weather nicely for our landscape lighting installation.

    An effective low voltage landscape lighting strategy requires selecting the most appropriate fixtures, then placing & wiring them the right way.

    You can choose between accent lights, up lights, down lights, submersible lights, pathway lights, or any combination of the described. The possibilities are countless with low voltage LED lights.

    Evening effects can develop a romantic environment, imagine moon light, strained through trees and reflected in calm waters of a pool or pond. Downward facing lights below eaves or in trees may help achieve this result.

    Reflected warm light is also complementary on faces, think about all of the loving songs written about the gentle glow of moon light.

    With outdoors illumination, you are able to entertain in the garden at night. You can not view the cracks within the pathways or the dead limbs in trees. Even the ugliest tree can be attractive during the night. You want your home to look and really feel both wonderful & secure, regardless of what the time of day.

    Using a click of a button & a few tactically placed outdoor property lights, you can roll back the dark & put it all on show. Everyone can see that you've pulled out all the stops in order to make your property & lawn look first-rate.

    How could I power my outdoor lights with no electric outlet?
    There are lots of choices to power outdoor lights with out an electrical socket set up in the yard. They involve using various kinds of solar garden lighting fittings, battery operated lighting, Bluetooth operated lights, battery-powered outlet, wireless LED motion sensor lights, & real or LED candles. Our skilled team of exterior lights installers will handle this for you.

    Does landscaping lighting add worth?
    Many studies have shown that many home owners want a property using a custom-made, well-designed surroundings lighting system. These systems can increase your residence worth up to twenty percent & in the event you want to sell will help your home sell much faster. Your landscaping lighting installation is really a very wise investment as well as something which will improve the enjoyment of your home.

    What is the best lumens for landscape lighting?
    Path & step lights are best around 100 lumens, flood & motion sensor lights 700 lumens, underwater lights two hundred - four hundred lumens, wall lights fifty- one hundred and eighty five lumens, and general surroundings lights fifty- three hundred lumens. Our group of landscape lighting designers will go through the choices with you in detail.

    How would you prepare outdoor landscape lighting?
    General ideas to keep in mind while you plan your design with our team of technicians there to help. Determine what exterior locations or objects you would like to light. Select the proper lighting techniques. Select the fittings and accessories that provide you the desired effect. Select the power supply, either line or low voltage. Choose the proper bulbs.

    Reserve an Onsite Demo now to learn how we are able to help you to transform your home in Huntington into a dream.